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Friction and wear are HUGE problems. Addressing them forces us beyond conventional thinking on the crucial but limited roles of lubrication. To solve BIG problems we sometimes need to think small, extremely small. The goal of reversing wear and reducing friction, at the surface interface, required thinking that was nano-scale small.

Prolonged Operations

DuoLife works to extend equipment life, especially with timely application. Condition monitoring systems provide predictions about high-risk turbine failures. But for operators, crane deployments and maintenance during the winter season can be costly. We provide a simple to implement alternative. DuoLife prolongs equipment operations until the next maintenance season – guaranteed – or your money back.

Return on Investment

DuoLife goes to work coating gear surfaces while your equipment operates. The downtime for application is minimal. DuoLife delays breakdowns and prolongs operating life. Your DuoLife investment will pay for itself within a matter of weeks if your equipment increases operational time and longevity. We stand behind our product and value your business. DuoLife comes with a full refund 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Made in the USA

flag-120x95pxDuoLife creates a self-regulating protective layer during normal operation.

Protective coating and mechanical surface reconditioning for wind-turbine gearboxes and bearings.


Both chemically-active and chemically-inert sides. DuoLife is a revolutionary technological breakthrough at the nanometer scale. The formulation is a suspension of innovative dual-sided sheets, a few nanometers thick. DuoLife nano-sheets are designed with specific properties on opposing sides. The sticky side promotes attachment, while the slick side acts to reduce friction. During normal operation individual sheets deposit on steel gears and bearings producing a self-assembled protective coating.

DuoLife was developed to meet the rigorous demands gears and bearings must withstand in large-scale industrial equipment. The coating adheres while the machine operates to preserve steel surfaces with protection against wear and pitting damage while reducing friction and extending component lifetime. The self-assembling coating is optimized to deposit a particle-by-particle layer – providing a repair-like effect that restores, improves and preserves performance.

a-b-rev2Two-part application. The first package, Component A, cures to form a primary base. Component B introduces a secondary top layer increasing mechanical efficiency. Each unit of industrial gearbox treatment is developed for sump reservoir ranges of 40- to 80-gallons.

Easy pour implementation. First, warm up equipment to operating temperature under normal conditions. Simply, shut down the machine, ADD Component A, and restart operation. Allow one hour of runtime, under normal conditions, for nano-sheet dispersion. Again, simply shut down the machine, ADD Component B, and restart operation. Coating formation occurs during operation producing full benefits in approximately four days.

Optimized wear reversal and protection. DuoLife repairs damage from existing wear, as well as, protects against future wear via self-assembling coating properties.

DuoLife is a different product by design. Traditional additives are developed to enhance the oil properties lubricant manufactures already optimize – viscosity, cleaning abilities, and thermal stability – leaving room for marginal improvements. DuoLife nano-sheets, catalytic by design, promote the formation of self-regulating, protective, ceramic oxide-carbide layers on metallic parts engaged in friction. Lubricants aim to slow down inevitable wear. DuoLife provides a coating that actually reverses the existing wear. !